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100 Bad Days Made 100 Good Stories : 100 Bad Days - AJR Song Review

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Lucky Me! That is what this song is going to engrave into your mind. This song will make you think in a way that it is really hard to achieve, take all the bad things you've embraced and look at it in the best way possible. Each moment, even when scary is going to make you stronger. Those "Bad" days are going to make you laugh when you look back at life. The chorus then says "I ain't scared of you no more", because when you look at life and the things that happen in life as something good, even the bad moments, you'll be able to overcome situations a lot easier. The use of trumpets are a great way to get the positivity of the message across! Also the use of the melody is very smart, because when they are explaining all the bad moments the set the slow and somber mood, then they use a build up to explain how they are overcoming those bad moments, until the upbeat melody of the trumpets say "HELL YEA" we got this! Hope this song is helpful to you, and will uplift your spirits!

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